2012-13 Fulbright Calendar

Important Dates & Deadlines to Remember for ALL Pace University Applicants

The IIE (Institute of International Education—the organization which administers the Fulbright Program on behalf of the U.S. government) application deadline is September 21.  Set forth below are our own internal deadlines which have been set to help you reach the IIE US Student Fulbright deadline.

FINAL FULBRIGHT Student Application Deadlines:

Spring and Summer, 2011 Meet with Fulbright Program Advisor, your school advisor, and/or a faculty mentor to select a country and a topic and begin to make contacts in the country you would like to visit.

September 12,  2011 – A formal statement of intent to apply is due this will be sent through an electronic survey if you have any questions contact,  This will include your name, your major, country applying to, type of grant (research or teaching), and a brief description of your proposal.  This will allow us to schedule an interview for you during the early October and to be sure we will have reviewers prepared to review and evaluate your proposal.

September 21, 2011 – The Fulbright application is SUBMITTED online. We will NOT release these applications to Fulbright, IIE. A full draft of the application packet – including the Statement of Proposed Study or Research and Curriculum Vitae (CV) statements – should be uploaded and submitted to the Fulbright electronic website.  It will be copied for the internal Fulbright Faculty Committee to read.  Please have as many supporting documents (e.g., language reports, letters of recommendation) uploaded at that time as well, if possible.  The Fulbright CV form is a narrative that communicated a picture of you as an individual, including personal history, family background, special interests and abilities, career plans and life goals, among other elements.  As noted in the Fulbright brochure, “it is important that the Curriculum Vitae be completed very carefully, since it is through this essay that committee members obtain a picture of the student as a person.”   In addition, “the Statement of Proposed Study is reviewed very carefully.  The committee takes into consideration the nature of the project, its originality, the academic preparation for completing the project described, …and the interest of the student as evidenced by any advance research that may have been done to determine that the resources needed to accomplish the proposed project are in fact available in the potential host country.”

September 27-October 7 - Formal Interviews with the Pace Fulbright Faculty Committee will be held. Times and locations – TBA.


October 10 - Final Revisions due--Final revisions to the curriculum vitae and proposal statement should be made, and the final copy must be uploaded to allow for an extremely close reading and final alterations as needed.


FINAL APPLICATION DUE-October 17th, 2011 at 5pm EST. Final on-line applications due at the IIE.  At this time, we will release the online application to IIE.


·         By Thanksgiving, 2011 – Any additional supportive, non-mandatory letters of invitation and assistance from abroad should be delivered to us before Thanksgiving so that we can get them to IIE.  Please note that this late route is not recommended; it is preferable to have all supportive materials prior to the October 17th deadline.




The IIE will notify applicants of their recommended or non-recommended status by email in early February on the outcome of the first stage of the screening process.  Recommended candidates should expect a final decision on their applications in April or May 2012.  For approved recipients of the Fulbright, travel will take place usually between August 2012 and May 2013.

It is the policy of the sponsors of awards that reasons for non-recommendation of candidates not be given. 

For more information contact Theresa Frey and go online to learn about the application process, country grants available, and requirements for each country.



For faculty interested in Fulbrights Scholars, please contact Dr. Sheying Cehn,,

 for more information or visit the website of  The Council for International Exchange of Scholars.