Outgoing Mail

Preparing Outgoing Mail:

  • All U.S. mail must be separated from campus mail. Business Number 10 size envelopes requiring postage should be facing the same way with the flaps closed (nested) and banded by the originating office.
  • As a courtesy, Mail Services staff members will collect personal mail during rounds. However, personal letters without correct postage will be returned. No personal packages will be accepted.
  • Separate and flag all special requests such as Certified, Foreign and Express Mail. Contact Mail Services for details. Your office is responsible for filling out all forms for special services. Mail Services will provide the necessary forms for you to fill out.
  • The U.S. Postal Service states that a properly addressed envelope is essential for the timely delivery of mail. Do not hand write the address, always type the address. Below is an example of the recommended format:


       Mr. John Doe
       ABC Company
      123 Main St. Rm. 31
       New York, NY 10010-0021


  • The return address block must include name of sender or department and the Pace University address. This will facilitate the return of undeliverable mail to the proper department.
  • Do not overstuff envelopes.
  • Large envelopes, specifically the 9"x 12" size, require a postage premium. Use this size envelope only when a #10 envelope is too small. These envelopes must be sealed by the departments, there are self-adhesive envelopes that are available through Document Services.
  • Faculty and staff should avoid using their Pace address for incoming personal mail/packages.
  • New York City Campus Only: All overnight/express mail is to be taken downstairs to the Mail Center no later than 4:00 p.m.
  • Indicias are used in lieu of a postage stamp or meter machine stamp for large automated bulk mailings. The University Fulfillment Center is the only location in the Pace Community authorized by the U.S. Postal Service to use indicias to process automation bulk mailings. By U.S. Postal regulation all other outgoing mail with a printed indicia on it must be covered by a blank label so a stamp can be placed over the label. Any outgoing mail with indicia's on it will be returned to your department. For further information on indicia's please call Mail Services at ext. 33865 or the University Fulfillment Center at ext. 33455.
  • Midtown Mail/Boxes:All mail (interoffice envelopes) is delivered to Midtown offices Monday through Thursday. Any mail/boxes are delivered on Friday unless special arrangements are made. To have boxes delivered other than on Friday's box run, the department is obligated to pick up the cost. Please contact Mail Services in New York at ext.11608 for details.