Interoffice Mail

  All interoffice mail received in the morning is sorted and processed for same day delivery.

Intercampus mail received in the afternoon is processed for 48 hours delivery.

**Please Note: In an effort to reduce expenses, please return to Mail Services all extra interoffice envelopes that have accumulated in your office. This will allow for a redistribution of these envelopes to departments in need of them. All interoffice envelopes should be empty and banded, marked emptied, and included with your regular mail pickup by Mail Services Staff.

Interoffice Mail Preparation:

Please cross out the previous addressee.

In a clear box, write the name, department and campus of the new addressee (See Example Below): 
NAME                                       John Doe
DEPARTMENT                          Department of ABC
CAMPUS                                  Briarcliff Campus

Do not use the interoffice envelope for addresses outside of the University.