Domestic 24-Hour Service

Mail Services offers two different overnight services to the Pace community; UPS NEXT DAY AIR via UPS CampusShip and USPS EXPRESS MAIL.  If you need this service, please contact the Mailing Center that serves your campus. Mail Services will assist you in choosing the service you need and will provide all airway bills and envelopes. Most 24-hour courier services have a very similar airway bill. You must always follow the instructions below:

  • Always place your name and department in the "From" box.
  • Always provide the addressee's telephone number in the "To" box.
  • Always keep a copy of the airway bill.
  • Always add insurance if your package is valuable.

Each office is responsible for the preparation of all airway bills. Mail Services does not fill out the forms.


Should you need to trace an overnight shipment, you must have a copy of the airway bill with the airway bill number. UPS express tracing can also be done inside of the UPS CampusShip system. Mail Services and vendors require this information.

Listed below are commonly used courier service toll-free numbers: