Flex Dollars

We recently implemented an initiative to use a function of the Pace One Card called “Flex Dollars”. The Flex Dollar program enables students to use their Pace One Card at local restaurants and eateries within the immediate areas of our New York and Westchester campus locations.

All full-time students will be given Flex Dollars to use off campus. The amount of Flex Dollars varies according to each student’s meal plan. Students may add funds to use off-campus, by visiting the meal plan office or OSA and adding voluntary funds by cash, check or credit card. Students may view their available Flex Dollar meal plan amount at any time at the Point of Sale terminal in the Café or the merchant, and any Pace ID Card office.

The following merchants have partnered with Pace University and are now accepting your Pace One Card:

Currently accepting Flex Dollars

We are excited about the new program and eager to grow our list of merchants! Student feedback is essential. If you would like Pace University to initiate discussions with your favorite local pizzeria, deli, or restaurant, please send us your suggestions at auxiliaryservices@pace.edu.

Auxiliary Services will continue to add on new merchants to the program and have received many inquiries from local establishments.  As new merchants join the program, we will announce them to the Pace community.  Please visit our Pace University Auxiliary Services Facebook page and website for exciting details about the Flex Dollar program.  Should you have specific questions regarding the new program or experience any difficulties using your Flex Dollars, please contact Auxiliary Services at auxiliaryservices@pace.edu or by calling 1-877-722-3431.

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