Meal Plan Information

Pace University offers an array of meal plans and meal plan options designed to suit each Pace student.  Whether you are an incoming freshman or a full-time commuter, we have a meal plan perfect for you.  Click on the link to the left to view more details about your meal plan.  If you do not have a meal plan, or if you would like to add additional points to your meal plan, click on this link, Optional Meal Plan or contact the Food Services manager on your campus.

Meal Plan Tables:
Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law Student Resident and Commuter Meal Plan Table

Graduate or School of Law
All full-time resident graduate students are required to have a meal plan
New York City
All full-time New York City students are required to have a meal plan
Part-time Students, Faculty or Staff
The voluntary plan can serve as a supplementary plan for students with an existing meal plan who want additional funds if their balance runs low. Part-time students or staff members can also use the plan to avoid using cash every time they purchase food or beverages in the cafeteria or at a kiosk.
All full-time Westchester students are required to have a meal plan

In an effort to address student’s serious concerns, Auxiliary Services has developed a link to the One Card Customer report. This report addresses all concerns that are linked to the Pace One Card, including food services. In addition, if at any time student’s experience food service issues Auxiliary Services would like to be made aware of these issues. A member(s) of the Auxiliary Services department will work to help resolve the matter. Once students complete and fill out the One Card Customer report a member(s) of the Auxiliary Services will follow up no later than 24hours of received date. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to access the form: One Card Customer Form

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