Business Card Program

In March 2011 Pace University’s Purchasing Department announced its partnership with US Bank to introduce a new Business Card Program, which offers many benefits to both the card holder and the University.

The new Business Card Program includes a purchasing card, corporate travel card, fleet card and ghost card. The purchasing card is for everyday business expenses, the corporate travel card is for travel and entertainment expenses. The transportation department will utilize the fleet card for fuel and the ghost card is a card used for individual vendors.

The New Business Card program follows many of the same policies (retention of receipts, tax exempt purchases, etc.). Training on the new system is required for all card holders, as well as each card holder will be required to fill out a New Card Agreement.

How to Apply:

1. After reviewing the Business Card policy and procedure, please sign and forward the New Card Agreement Form to your Manager and Business Rep. Send the completed form to the Purchasing department via email at

2. Request a Card Online.
Once the Purchasing department receives the Agreement, you will be directed to the online Request link and available training dates.

Upon completion of training US Bank will send approved card(s) to users at their office location within 7 – 10 business days

As the card holder, you are committing university funds each time you use the Business Card and are held responsible for all charges made to each card(s) that has been issued to you. Intentional misuse, fraudulent abuse or any other mistreatment may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Helpful Resources:

If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing department at Ext. 22642 or email them at

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