Staff and Administrators

Clinic Staff

Beth Hart, PhD, Director
Psychotherapy Practicum
Diagnostic Interviewing Seminar

Marc Epstein, D. O.
Consulting Psychiatrist

Michelle Zaccario, Ph. D.
Director of Neuropsychological Testing

Karen Weiss, Psy. D
Director of Diagnostic Testing

Rochelle Steinwurtzel, Psy. D.
Assistant Director


Cinical Supervisors

Margery Kalb, PsyD
Psychotherapy Practicum
Advanced Case Seminar

Judith Lasky, Ph. D.
Psychotherapy Supervisor

Kate Oram, Ph. D.

Lenore Proctor, Psy. D.
Psychotherapy Practicum

Mark Sossin, PhD
Mother Infant and Autism


Administrative Staff

Victoria Libby
Student Clinical Assistant

Jeremy Thies
Research Assistant

Lara Levine

Kelsey Lisle

Kristy McGee

Dayna Shapiro

Ling-Yi Sung

Kristina Wong



Adjunct Clinical Supervisors

Pace uses more than 235 licensed psychologists with postdoctoral training to volunteer at least one hour a week to supervise our student’s psychotherapy case in their private offices. >> View list