Center for Ethical Thinking

The Center for Ethical Thinking at Pace University, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, offers an ongoing discussion on a variety of issues taken from an ethical point of view. We regard Ethics as a “First Philosophy,” a starting and defining point for philosophical thinking and a prism through which a worldview unfolds. Hence, at the Center, we pose the question of responsibility, both as a question in itself and as a way to approach social, political, and academic issues.

The Center is particularly invested in environmental questions, seen as a reality and an issue deeply entrenched in questions of personal and collective responsibility. We are dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the centrality and pervasiveness of the environmental crisis and of the extent to which it calls for a reassessment of the way we, humans, see ourselves – and consequentially act – in both the natural and the social worlds.

The work of the Center takes place mostly through colloquia, public lectures, and conferences, in which formal presentations are followed by discussion in an attempt to collaborate on the issue at hand. A typical colloquium would focus on a specific question viewed through the ethical prism of responsibility. For example, the Center’s second colloquium, which took place during the Spring semester of 2010, focused on education, a topic reflected upon by faculty, current students, alumni, and outside guests from the field of education. The general question of the Center – What does it mean to think ethically? – was channeled through more particular questions: What does education has to do with responsibility? Does/Did my education instill in me a worldview that can be characterized as ethical? To what degree does such a possible worldview guide me in making life-choices? What are the ethical responsibilities of the educator? Written versions of these presentations and other relevant links and materials will be shortly posted on our website, which is currently under construction.

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