CVM AmeriCorps members have the opportunity to serve in one of the following focus areas:

Education Advocacy: AmeriCorps members will serve as homework helpers, mentors, camp counselors, and classroom assistants to students in elementary, middle or high school. In addition, members may conduct youth services outreach, implement after-school programs in music, art, dance, math or science, or assist in the development of educational materials for classrooms.

English Language Literacy: AmeriCorps members will serve as English as a second language instructors and classroom assistants to adults. Members also work on curriculum development, create adult literacy program materials, or conduct outreach regarding adult literacy initiatives.

Public Health and Safety: AmeriCorps members will work with partner organizations to support and build their community outreach initiatives related to public health & safety and disaster preparedness. In this capacity, AmeriCorps members may deliver presentations, participate in community outreach initiatives, or get involved with health and safety campaigns.

Technology and Community Networking: AmeriCorps members will serve as computer instructors to adults and youth in lower Manhattan. In addition, members may also develop websites, participate in developing internet-based community maps and other technology, communication and network related initiatives.

Non-Profit Capacity Building: AmeriCorps members will help enhance the mission, strategy, skills, and culture, as well as systems, infrastructure, and human resources of an organization that is addressing unmet community needs to help them gain greater independence and sustainability. Members may work to strengthen volunteer management, conduct outreach, conduct research, map community assets, and develop new programs or services in an organization seeking to expand; develop organizational systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness; or develop collaborative relationships with other organizations working to achieve similar goals in the community.

Upon acceptance to the program, members join a Corps of between 60-100 others, where they also have the chance to participate in community service projects, volunteer events, and workshops and trainings on a range of topics such as professional development skills, team-building, conflict resolution and leadership. 

Position Types

CVM AmeriCorps has the following positions types available: 

  • Minimum-time: 300 hours • Bi-monthly stipend of $72 • Education award of $1,132 upon completion of your term of service
  • Quarter-time: 450 hours • Bi-monthly stipend of $89.50 • Education award of $1,415 upon completion of your term of service
  • Half-time: 900 hours • Bi-monthly stipend of $178.50 • Education award of $2,675 upon completion of your term of service