Pace Prep

An Online, Non-Credit Bearing Preparatory Course for Incoming First-Year Students
at Pace University

Get a running start on your freshmen year at Pace this summer!
Develop crucial college skills with our innovative Pace Prep course.

The Pace Prep course is a one-of-a-kind, five-week multidisciplinary summer online course intended to serve as both a college preparation and professional orientation course for incoming first-year Pace University students. The course runs during the Summer II session, from July 7 - August 16, 2014.



Introductory Module



Video Introduction to Online Pace Prep Course.



Information Literacy. This unit will welcome students to the University Library, introducing them to online search sites focusing on professional associations and scholarly publications in their areas of interest.



ePortfolio Creation. Each module and the final ePortfolio requirements will serve to demonstrate individual student participation and completion all of the course materials presented.



English Module
The one-week English module will include a selection of short readings and discussions, designed to enhance critical reading, writing, analytical and information literacy skills. Students will be required to build an ePortfolio with artifacts from each of the four modules and reflections about this online learning experience. The video interview will showcase a Pace alumna who is now enrolled in Pace’s Master in Publishing program.



Mathematics Module
The one-week Mathematics module will explore the Mathematics of Voting. When there are more than just two candidates or choices to be voted for, there are many different methods of determining the winner(s). By the end of the module, students will have gained experience while using logic to analyze and solve multistep mathematical problems.



Science Module
The one-week module provides a basic introduction to science as a way of thinking rather than just a body of facts to memorize.  Measurements in science, the process of data selection, and scientific investigation will be discussed.  The module concludes with discussion of the issue of pseudoscience and how to recognize the validity of scientific information.



Communications Module
The one-week Media and Communication Arts module will examine the impact media and mass communications have on society today. Outlets that will be examined include video production, current news and events, public relations, modern-day blogs and vlogs.  Students will also explore professional career opportunities in the communications field.

Registration is open from June 10 to July 7.

To register for the course, visit the Pace Prep Course Site.