Eliot DeYoung Schein Lecture Series


Susan Katz


Susan Katz, President of Harper Collins Children’s Books, gave the 2010 annual Eliot DeYoung Schein lecture on April 14, 2010 to an audience of publishing graduate students and publishing faculty at the Midtown Executive Club.

Ms. Katz described the state of children’s book publishing today and the strong influence technology has on the business. Ms. Katz began her career at Harper Row in 1987 as the Publisher of the College Division. In 1993 she became the Group Vice President of Education, managing the School and College Division of the Company. In 1996 she became President of the Children’s Book Division which is her current position.

The Eliot DeYoung Schein lecture honors Mr. Schein’s memory and recognizes his contributions to the Pace Publishing program.