Student Testimonials

Brian Bonci
— Brian Bonci ’10, Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies dual-major, Model UN team member

“In my second semester at Pace, I had the privilege of enrolling in the US/South Africa comparative politics course and it changed my life. For the next two years, I went back and forth between NYC and South Africa, following an academic pursuit planted in my mind by two of Pace’s best professors. Alternating campuses, it was my course load in Pace’s political science department that pushed me to expand my degree objectives and redefine my worldview. Looking to what lay outside the U.S. border, and to question U.S. and foreign policies on some of the world’s biggest issues, I am now considering graduate programs in international relations related fields. As a Model UN participant, I was forced to grapple with complex notions and work to find answers to obscure questions that often linked pieces of information together. The Model UN program at Pace is a team environment run student to student, in a way that allows leadership and creative problem solving to shine. My first internship at Pace was in my second semester, when I met a Pace alumni and was invited to work under her on a special election campaign. In the two months that followed, I ran phone banks, organized and administrated district canvassing, and coordinated a fair amount of the get out the vote effort. Our candidate won, and is serving in the New York State Senate!”

— Coty Sibbach ’10, Political Science major/Psychology minor, Model UN team member

“As a Political Science major you get to explore the world outside of New York City and the United States, as well as learn the theoretical and structural components of national and international politics. Also, the professors help you to repeatedly perfect your writing abilities, so you can better convey your ideas and opinions. On top of the major program, the Model UN team on the New York City campus is an irreplaceable learning experience. Not only do you get to interact with other politically passionate people, but you gain a wealth of knowledge on the structure and procedures of the United Nations, and practice essential communication skills.”

— Ben Oliveri ’12, Political Science major, Model UN team member

“As student who has always been interested in worldly and multicultural affairs, I couldn’t be more pleased with my college experience thus far. As second semester sophomore, I have already had the opportunity to complete a variety of political science and international relations classes ranging from a live video conference CSPAN Class to classes analyzing racial and gender politics of different nations. I have also participated with the Model UN team, which I have found to be an invaluable experience that provides real life applications of diplomacy. Currently I am interning with an internationally operating NGO, with the opportunity to experience first-hand humanitarian projects that are in the works in Haiti and Afghanistan.”

Anneliese Bloomestein
— Anneliese Blommestein ’10, Political Science major, Model UN team member

“Studying political science at Pace has taught me how to better understand the world. Pace has given me the knowledge and skills to read, write, understand, and talk about what’s happening nationally and internationally. I’ve met so many like-minded people through the political science program who share the common goal of trying to make the world a better place through the political and legal systems. Being a part of Model UN at Pace exposed me to the inner workings of the UN and helped me understand how certain decisions are made on a worldwide level.”

Colin Seeberger
— Colin Seeberger ’11, Political Science major, History minor

“Pace University’s Political Science department has equipped me with the requisite knowledge and skills I need to pursue a career in public policy. Having had political internships across the nation, I have seen how important these skills can be in the day-to-day work of anyone working in politics. Finally, class trips to Washington, DC are the highlight of my semester. Last semester my CSPAN class met with Senator Charles Schumer, Senator Susan Collins, and Representative Jerrold Nadler’s health care policy advisers during a time of contentious debate as the United States Senate prepared to bring a health care bill to the floor. The excitement and energy of knowing that public policy was being made within my midst is something I feel daily in my Political Science classes.”

Stephanie Robayo
— Stephanie Robayo ’10, Political Science major, Criminal Justice and History minors, Model UN team member

“I will graduate with the set of skills needed to engage in a lifelong career of advocacy because the Political Science Department at Pace University has afforded me unparalleled opportunities to foster my academic and professional growth. From intellectually engaging courses taught by dedicated Professors to leadership opportunities in student-run organizations like Model United Nations, the political science major is comprehensive. When one decides to major in Political Science, one is choosing to expand one’s life skills and ability to reason in an ever-changing political world. During my studies at Pace, I have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa, become the Head Delegate of Model United Nations, attend the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and become a student leader of the Vote 18 Political Literacy Project which encourages the civic and political engagement of high school students. The most outstanding aspect of the Model United Nations program is that it allows students to develop research, diplomacy and communication skills while directly engaging students in political debate about pressing international issues. I definitely encourage all students interested in international relations and foreign affairs to participate in Model UN to foster their analytical skills as a political scientist. When I traveled to South Africa, I observed first-hand the spirit of the people of South Africa in their path towards a representative government, equality and social justice. I made a deep connection with the communities we visited and while in South Africa I marched in solidarity in a rally for peace during the xenophobia conflicts between South Africans and Zimbabweans. The Political Science Department also offers students opportunities to acquire internships in the field of politics and get a hands-on experience working with policymakers. Last semester, I got an internship with a U.S. Senator from New York and I was assigned to constituent casework. I worked as a liaison and facilitated communication between the Senator’s constituents and many U.S. federal agencies. The professional connections that Pace University Professors have to the political community in New York greatly support the hands-on studies of political science.”

Alejandra Lopez
— Alejandra Lopez ’10, Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies dual-major, Latin American Studies and Pre-Law minors, Model UN team member

“Pace University’s political science classes, faculty, programs and internships introduced me to an array of professional, skill-building, and life-changing experiences. For instance, participating in Model United Nations, I discovered my passion for international human rights issues and developed the skills to advocate on behalf of others' interests and concerns. Also taking a course on Comparative Race and Gender U.S. and South African Politics, and thereafter traveling to South Africa at the end of the semester was an eye-opening opportunity because I learned and researched topics of race, gender, and migration that further inspired me to become active in my community.”