Participating faculty come from the following departments within the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences: biology, chemistry, economics, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociology. Additionally, faculty from the Lubin School of Business and the School of Education offer elective courses in the environmental studies program.


Adriana Aquino, PhD
Lecturer in Biology and Environmental Studies
  Tracy Basile
Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Literature
  Eugenie Bietry, PhD
Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Harold Brown, PhD

Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies Department Chair, and Environmental Studies Program Director

  Robert Chapman, PhD
  Charlene Hoegler, PhD
Ghassan Karam
  Robert T. Keegan, PhD
Professor of Psychology
  Erica Kipp
Lecturer in Environmental Biology and Botany
Director of the Biology Labs, NYC campus
Michael Levandowsky, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor of Biology
  Stephen T. Lofthouse
Associate Professor of Geology and Physical Sciences
  Claudia Mausner, PhD
Lecturer in Environmental Psychology and Sustainable Development
Mary Margaret Minnis, PhD
Lecturer, Professor of Chemistry
  Mary Margaret Minnis, PhD
Lecturer, Professor of Chemistry
  Ilan Safit, PhD
Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Environmental Studies
Roger Salerno, PhD
Professor of Sociology, Chair of the Sociology Department
  Angelo L. Spillo
Lecturer in Environmental Studies, Director of the Environmental Center
  Dana Taplin, PhD
Lecturer in Environmental Ethnography and Environmental Studies