What Our Graduates Are Saying

Margaret Speith   

“This is my first year as a teacher, and yet again, I find myself saying, ‘Thank goodness they prepared me at Pace’.”

- Margaret Speith, 2008

  Judith Desrosiers  

“…I feel like I came into the (graduate) program with more knowledge regarding our field than some of the other students in the program. Not necessarily because I am smarter, but because our program at Pace truly gave a good background and I am grateful for it.”

- Judith Desrosiers, 2005

“Pace University really prepared me well and I am so thankful to have been a part of it!”

- Dina Gloria Bieber, 2007

“I learned that thanks to Pace’s CSD program, I felt prepared, very prepared. I am thankful for the amount of experience the CSD program provided me….”  

- Marcela Agudelo, 2008

“…I am very grateful to have been in this program and to have had really great professors that care and understand…”

- Julia Borik, 2008