Financing Options

The following financing options are available for selected courses with tuition greater than $1,000.

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Tuition Payment Plans

For information regarding our payment plans please call us at (888) 561-7223 or send us an email at


Private Education Loans 

Private education loans are available for all courses with tuition over $1,000 through approved lenders for this program.  Pace University will accept a loan from any lender that is willing to provide funding for this program. 

If you decide to apply for any of these loans, please complete the Registration Form.

How to Apply for a Private Education Loan:

  • Enroll in your program and determine the cost.
  • Search for loan using:
  • Contact the lender to determine if they allow students in non-degree granting programs to apply for loans.  Pace University will certify a loan from any lender you choose.  It does not have to be from one listed on the above website.
  • When applying, please select the following:
    • Course of Study: Undergraduate
    • Campus:White Plains
      IMPORTANT-Please select White Plains regardless of whether you are taking the course in NYC or Online.
    • School Code: 002791-02 
      IMPORTANT-Please select the school code for White Plains regardless of whether you are taking the course in NYC or Online.
    • Please remember to select "Less than Half-Time"

Once application has been approved and all documents for the lender are complete, please contact Pace University at (888) 561-7223 or immediately to obtain school certification.

Questions?  Please contact us at (888) 561-7223 or