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Bio 153

Sunday 6:05pm - 7pm
Thursday 6:05pm - 7pm

Vitoria Bernardes

Chem 112

Sunday 8:05pm - 9pm
Wednesday 11:05am - noon

Vanessa Conroy
Mackenzie Boyce

Chem 224

Sunday 5pm - 5:55pm
Wednesday 6pm - 6:55pm

Anthony Chipre

Finance 260

Thursday 4:25pm - 5:10pm

Rob Hawlik

Math 100

Wednesday 12:10pm - 1:05pm

Tiffany Lin

Math 103

Monday 12:10pm - 1:05pm
Tuesday 3:25pm - 4:20pm

Zach Ettlinger
Tiffany Lin

Nursing Calculations

Tuesday 4:25pm - 5:20pm
Thursday 3:25pm - 4:20pm

Victor Gondar

Instructions On How To Sign Up For A Study Session

  1. Sign into TutorTrac using your university credentials

    If you are on the Pace campus use: https://tutortrac.pace.edu Once on this page please use your Pace credentials (same login as your Pace Portal)

    If you are off campus, use: http://rlib.pace.edu/login?url=https://tutortrac.pace.edu ***Please Note: You will be asked to sign in with your Pace credentials (same login as your Pace Portal) twice.

    Note: Suggested Browser is Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer won't work well)

  2. Click 'Search Availability' on the left side of the screen

  3. Select PLV Tutoring Center

  4. Select the course, date, and time period

  5. A schedule will appear with all the tutors available. Select the study session you would like to attend.