Placement Testing

An important part of your first semester at Pace is making sure you are taking the right courses: neither you nor Pace want you to take courses for which you are not prepared. Pace uses several factors, including SAT scores, AP credit, transfer credit, and placement tests administered during Orientation to make sure you take the right classes for you.

Please note that placement test results will not be part of a permanent record and will only be used for purposes of placement.


All beginning freshmen must take the writing placement test. Westchester Freshmen should click here for instructions for the online writing placement test. Westchester Transfer students should consult their advisors regarding the writing placement test.  All New York City beginning freshman and transfer students who need a writing placement test will take it online prior to Orientation and should click here for further information. iPace students should contact their advisor.

All students will be evaluated on their ability to organize and develop ideas, to sustain an argument, and to use correct spelling and grammar.  Students may place out of ENG 110, which starts the core course of study, after evaluation of appropriate transfer credit or AP credit, writing sample, and verbal SAT scores by the English department on each campus.  Pforzheimer Honors College Students will be evaluated in collaboration with the College Directors on each campus. 


All Freshmen will take a mathematics placement test to determine the appropriate mathematics course to take in their first semester Westchester Transfer students should consult their advisor regarding the mathematics placement test.  New York City Transfer students will be notified by admissions if they need to take a mathematics placement test.  iPace students should contact their advisor.  A sample test with problems and answers can be found hereMath Study Guide.doc (120KB)    Math Study Guide Solutions.doc (102KB).   Questions range from word problems to trigonometry and pre-calculus. Students may use scientific calculators during the test only. Graphing, cell phone or smart phone calculators are prohibited. Students must bring their own calculator to the exam. 

Modern Languages

All students with two or more years of high school study in Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, or Chinese who are not receiving college credit for any of those languages and who wish to resume their study of the same language in the coming academic year will need to take a Modern Languages placement exam to insure placement at the appropriate level. This is a short online exam that scores immediately. If you think that this will apply to you, or you would like additional information, please contact the CAE at 212.346.1386 for NYC campus or 914.773.3434 for PLV campus. The exam may be only taken once and you should take it at least several days prior to your orientation date. Click here for the link to the Italian placement test. For all other languages, click here.

Accommodated Placement Testing

If you have a disability that requires accommodations for the placement tests, please contact Counseling Services at (914) 773-3710 (for the Pleasantville campus) or (212) 346-1526 (for the New York City campus). Counseling Services requires two weeks to evaluate your request. A licensed professional will need to provide Counseling Services with documentation of your disability and recommended accommodations. The information you provide and your records at Counseling Services are confidential.

If you have any questions about Pace University’s placement policy, please contact the respective campus Center for Academic Excellence:

New York City campus 

Pleasantville campus