Key Terms

Academic Adviser: A counselor or faculty member who has been trained to assist students with academic information that will enable them to enroll in the classes related to their academic goals. In the CAP Program your academic adviser is also your instructor for UNV 101.

Baccalaureate Degree: Also known as a Bachelor’s Degree, a degree awarded by a four-year college or university, often referred to as a B.A., B.B.A., B.S., or B.F.A. degree.

Blackboard: An interactive, web-based educational tool used to supplement or replace traditional classroom learning.

Common Hour: A designated hour of the day to allow student groups/organizations to gather. Typically no classes are scheduled during these times.

Core Curriculum: The Core Curriculum, central to all undergraduate degrees at Pace University, consists of 60 credits. Core courses, regardless of a student’s major, address fundamental concepts, ideas, and issues in the arts and sciences. These courses include mathematics, language, lab science, computing and English.

Corequisite: A corequisite is a course that has to be taken at the same time as another course.

Course Load: The number of credit hours students take during a semester.

Course Number: A three-digit number that identifies a specific course, such as the 110 in PSY 110, Introduction to Psychology.

Course Reference Number(CRN): A five-digit number assigned to each individual course used for registration and found on your semester schedule. (ex: 84868 - UNV 101)

Course Title: The name of a specific course, such as University 101 (UNV 101).

Credit Hours: The amount of credits students receive for completing a specific course.

Degree: A certificate of completion of a course of study.

Learning Community: Courses in which students and their professors experience a purposeful, coherent and integrated learning environment together in two linked or interdisciplinary courses.

Major: A student’s concentrated field of study.

Minor: A secondary area of concentration usually consisting of 15-18 credits in a particular field.

Prerequisite: A course you have to take before you can take another course (for example: MAT 103 is a prerequisite for MAT 104)

Registration: The process of enrolling in classes.

Semester: The fall semester lasts 15 weeks between September and December at Pace. The spring semester is 15 weeks from late January to May.

Transcript: This is the continuous, formal, and official record of your work at a university.

Transfer Credit: Course credit that is accepted from another college.

Web-enhanced or Web-assisted Classes: Classes held partly in the classroom and partly on the Internet using Blackboard.