Your First Week

Your entire four years at Pace will begin in your first week on campus, so you will want to make sure that you get off to the best possible start.  Here are some suggestions for how to meet people, get to know the campus, and start succeeding in class right away.

Find the Office of First Year Programs

The Office of First Year Programs is your best resource for information and support during your first semester.  If you have questions or just want to come by and say hello, the office is located, in New York, on the 2nd floor, 41 Park Row.

Go to all your classes

The first day of class is important, so make sure you attend and arrive on time.  Your professors will check to make sure you are registered and will hand out important information about the course, including requirements, reading lists, grading policies, and assignments.  Even if you think you will request a schedule change, attend the classes that are on your schedule.

Start on your assignments right away

Complete your first assignments as soon as you get them.  If reading is assigned for the next class, do it.  Your professors will expect you to attend your second class meeting PREPARED!

Introduce yourself to at least one person in each class

The good thing about being a freshman is that you’re not alone! Everyone is adjusting and hoping to meet new friends.  Make the first move. Introduce yourself to someone in your class. They will be happy you did.

Attend Welcome Week events

Welcome week is designed to help you get connected to your new campus.  Events are spread over an entire week so that you have many events and fun activities to choose from.  You’ll also learn a lot more about things to get involved in during the year.

Learn the rules of Residence Life

Be sure to read any information given to you about living in a campus residence.  There are rules by which you must abide, so make sure you pay attention to your Resident Assistant (RA).

Be careful!

Your first week of college should be filled with excitement and fun as you attend your first classes, learn about clubs and activities, and explore the city.  But, you need to remember that you need to be careful, too.  Always be aware of your surroundings and know the people you are with.  If you are meeting people for the first time, remember that you haven’t gotten to know them yet: have a good time, but be alert.