When You Arrive on Campus

As you prepare to begin college, you may wonder what it will be like when you arrive for the Fall semester: Going to classes, meeting other students, learning the campus, and, if you are living on campus, growing accustomed to your new home away from home. Here are some things that might come up once you arrive, so read through below to make sure you're prepared! 
  •  Questions about your schedule

Based on the choices you indicated on the Course Selection Questionnaire (which you filled out prior to orientation), your major requirements, and class availability, an academic advisor created your schedule with the goal of optimizing your four-year journey through college. If you would like more information about the classes on your schedule, or have any questions about it, please contact the Office of the First Year Experience to speak with an academic advisor at 212-346-1386.

  •  Student ID/Pace One Card

Your student ID at Pace, called the “Pace One Card”, is much more than an identification card. It also functions as the account where your financial aid refund will be delivered and your room key, if you live in a campus residence. So it is very important that you make sure that you receive and activate your card.

 You should receive your Pace One Card 5-7 business days after you attend summer Orientation. If you do not, please call 1-888-914-7223, or please click here.

Once you receive your card, it is very important that you promptly activate it. By activating your card, you will be able to set your refund preferences, thereby allowing you to receive surplus financial aid awards. Financial aid awards can only be received through the Pace One Card and usually arrive during the second week of classes. You also need an active card to use your ID as a room key, as well as to enter certain parts of the university. You can activate your card by following the web link above.

  •  Textbooks

We recommend that you wait to buy your textbooks until you attend the first class in each of your subjects. The reason why is that professors sometimes make last-minute substitutions or emendations to the required reading in their courses. If you buy your books too early, you may get stuck with a text you will not, after all, need for class. Textbooks for most classes will be available through the Barnes and Noble University Bookstore, located at 41 Park Row.

  •  Find where your classes will meet

The quickest way to find out in advance where your classes will be located is to look up your schedule through My Pace Portal. Just click on “Class Schedule,” and a list of your courses will appear, along with their room locations.

Room locations, however, won’t be formally assigned until about the third week in August, so don’t worry if you don’t see your classrooms listed on My Pace Portal right away. And, if during the first week of classes, you happen to forget where your next class is being held, not to worry: there will be a newspaper-style listing of every class with every classroom available throughout the university.