Getting Involved in the Pace Community


College isn’t just about going to class! Getting involved on campus and in the community has become an increasingly important aspect of a university education. As more and more people graduate with Bachelor’s degrees, employers are looking for ways to find committed and well-rounded candidates for their positions. Taking advantage of the opportunities below will help you professionally, as well as socially; taking advantage of these opportunities as a first-year student will help guarantee you are maximizing your education at Pace.


Student Life and Campus Activities


With more than 80 campus clubs and organizations for students, Student Life and Campus Activities is the one-stop shop when it comes to getting involved on campus. Follow the link for club listings, the university events calendar, and information on the student development transcript ¾a transcript of all of your campus involvement to be given to employers and graduate programs to supplement your academic transcript.


The Center for Community Outreach at Dyson College


Every student at Pace must take at least one “service learning” course, a class that uses experiential learning as part of its curriculum. Those service opportunities are coordinated through the Center for Community Outreach at Dyson College. But the Center for Community Outreach at Dyson College also provides service opportunities outside of coursework and serves as a nexus for community building, volunteerism, and political awareness/action. You can even sign up for activities online (by following the link above).


Co-op and Career Services


As soon as your second semester freshman year, you can begin preparing for an internship run through Pace’s Cooperative Education Program. Why is this important? In an increasingly competitive job market, often the only thing that distinguishes candidates from one another is the number and quality of their internships. the Cooperative Education Program works with second-semester students on developing résumés and practicing interviewing techniques to help maximize their chances of getting an internship by their sophomore year.


Career Services expands on the specialized services offered by Cooperative Education, and is geared toward helping students in planning and preparing for their long term career goals. Career Services regularly brings employers from small, mid-sized, and large companies to recruit Pace students.