First Year Advising

First Year Advising

at Pace University

How do you know who your adviser is at Pace?

Pace’s Comprehensive First Year Advising Program (CFAP) is designed to support our first year students through the length of their first year. In your first year, your adviser will not be someone you meet with only before registration. In your first semester, you will see your adviser every week! That’s because your advisers will also be your first year instructors in University 101. Your advisers are drawn from our full-time faculty and staff who have played a vital role in the Pace community.

What sort of advice will your adviser be giving?

Besides helping you make appropriate course selections when you register for the spring and fall semesters, your first-year adviser is there to

  • Help you identify campus resources that can help you deal with academic or personal difficulties,
  • Discuss how to address academic difficulties if your professors have expressed concern for your progress in the academic alert process or if you have been placed on probation,
  • Help you develop problem-solving skills, exercise independent judgment, and assume responsibility for your own academic success.

University 101, too, is directed toward making explicit many parts of the educational experience that you might otherwise be left to figure out on your own, so it will be your adviser’s objective to make sure that you feel more comfortable

  • Appreciating the value of liberal learning,
  • Incorporating self-reflection into your higher education
  • Registering for classes that best meet your curricular and intellectual needs
  • Planning not just for semester classes but for making the most out of your four years at Pace

The course will allow advisers to introduce these topics to you, but your one-on-one sessions with them should extend the conversation begun in class. Even after the course is over, your University 101 instructor will be your adviser for the full year. Take the opportunity to form a relationship with your adviser and explore together how you can put into practice what you discuss in class.

Other resources

Your advisers can help you on many fronts, but it is important to know what other resources you can use to help yourself. Please take advantage of the link to the left to learn more about how first-year advising works and the core curriculum.