Getting Started

You are encouraged to visit our offices early in your academic experience to meet with a Counselor who will discuss your background, goals and interests, and explore internship opportunities with you. Your Counselor will serve as your point person and advisor throughout your years at Pace.

To help you get started, here is some helpful information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-op Intern Student Handbook (PDF)


  • Undergraduate Students: Must be fully matriculated in a Bachelor degree program, maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 and be a 2nd semester freshman or above.
  • Transfer Students: Must be fully matriculated in a Bachelor degree program, maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5.
  • Graduate Students: Must be fully matriculated in a graduate program, carry at least 6 credits and maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Students working in a full-time (20 hours) Graduate Assistantship are ineligible to work in a Co-op position during the school year. Full-time summer employment is allowed. Students working in a part-time (10 hours) Graduate Assistant- ship may work in a Co-op position with permission from their Dean.
  • International Students: Must meet with the International Student Advisor on their campus to review eligibility and INS regulations. Click here for International Student requirements


Workshops and Seminars include resume writing and interviewing
(click here for current workshop schedule)


Student Intern Responsibilities

As a student who wishes to participate in the Pace Cooperative Education Program, I will:

  • Be punctual for all appointments with counselors and potential employers and immediately cancel or reschedule any appointment I am unable to keep
  • Have my resume and cover letter approved by a career counselor before applying to any Co-op internships
  • Return all phone calls and messages from a Co-op/Career Services staff member or an employer within 24 hours
  • Inform my counselor immediately if I am contacted directly by an employer to schedule an interview
  • Honestly represent my experience, academic record/grades, or visa status on my resume or in communication with prospective employers
  • Notify my counselor within 24 hours of accepting an internship position via phone or email indicating the employer name, start date, position title, and salary
  • Cancel any previously scheduled interviews once I have accepted a Co-op position--I understand that I am no longer eligible to begin another Co-op position until I fulfill this commitment
  • Remain in the Co-op position for a minimum of 12 weeks during the fall/spring and 8 weeks during the summer terms or the initial length of commitment
  • Keep my counselor notified of any changes that may affect my position or eligibility for a Co-op placement
  • Update my profile regularly on the Pace e-Recruiting database (GPA, phone number, address, email address)
  • If you are an undecided major or change your major, you must enter this information into your e-Recruiting profile when you know it
  • Complete the evaluation of my Co-op work experience immediately upon request
  • Inform my employer of any changes in my schedule and request, well in advance, time off for exams--I will call in early if I must be absent for any reason
  • Provide my employer with at least two weeks notice before ending the internship
  • Inform the Co-op office when I leave the position

You will need an approved resume before gaining access to the Internship database (eRecruiting)


Interviewing for Internships

-- If selected for an interview, either the employer or a Career Services staff member will contact you.
-- If an employer calls, you must inform your counselor and respond to the employer immediately.
-- You must notify your counselor within 24 hours of accepting an internship and provide details.

Samantha Egan, English Literature Major
Westchester Magazine

Samnatha shares her tip for making the most out one's internship.

During Your Internship

The Career Setrvices staff is here to help make your experience a successful one. Counselors are available to counsel students throughout the internship assignment. Both students and employers are asked to complete a written evaluation form approx 6-8 weeks after they begin. Counselors visit many employer sites throughout the year.

Making the Most of Your Internship  - Career Services tips on how to maximize your internship experience.


Transcript Notation

Upon successful completion of your co-op internship the experience will be noted on your official Pace academic transcript.