On-Campus Student Jobs


Effective June 1st, 2015, all student employment will move over to Pace Human Resources, Staffing & Recruitment department.

If you are a STUDENT interested in student employment or student internships, please visit the Pace Career website careers.pace.edu

Further communication will be forth coming. 

If you have any questions, please contact staffing and recruitment at 914-923-2730.


Applying for an On-Campus Student Employment Job

Step 1:Visit Pace University’s eRecruiting Site at http://pace.experience.com.

If you already have an eRecruiting account, log in and proceed to Step 2.

If you do not yet have an eRecruiting account, or are unsure if you have one, call your local Career Services office (New York City: 212-346-1950 Pleasantville/White Plains: (914) 773-3361).You’ll need to provide your name, U#, and Pace e-mail address to register for an account. Once you are registered, log in and proceed to Step 2.


Step 2:Search for a Job

Log into Pace eRecruiting

  • On the right side of the “Welcome” screen, find “More Searches”
  • Click “On-Campus Student Jobs”
  • Select Campus, Click Search
    • Note: you will see more searches for other types of jobs & internships. You can look at these jobs, but until you speak to a career counselor in the Career Services Office, the system will not allow you to apply to these positions.
  • Open Title to read details


Students witha Federal Work Study (FWS) grant that is part of your Financial Aid package*

  • You may apply to both FWS and non-FWS jobs.

**NOTE TO STUDENT: You may only apply to this position if your Financial Aid package includes Federal Work Study. Please contact Financial Aid to confirm that you are eligible for Federal Work Study positions.**

Students without a Federal Work Study (FWS) grant that is part of your Financial Aid package*

  • You may apply only tonon-FWS jobs.

Please note that most Class III, IV, and V positions also count as internships, for which you will automatically receive Official Transcript Notation.

Step 3: Apply for a Job

In order to be considered all students must submit a completed Application for Student Employment form.

  • It is important that you list the hours that you are available to work each day of the week on the Application for Student Employment
  • Be specific! (ex. 10am-3pm rather than 5 hours)
  • Hiring Managers generally need students that can work up to 20 hours per week during each year. 
  • The majority of departments need student employees that can work during regular business hours from Monday – Friday between 9am-5pm.  Carefully read the Details of each job posting for any special hours or days noted as required.
  • Consider your class schedule and commuting time when listing the hours that you may work. For example, if your class ends at 12:10 in Pleasantville, and you need to drive and park to a job on the Briarcliff campus, do not list that you are available at 12:15pm.  If you need to use the Pace Bus, be sure to take the Transportation schedule into consideration. This schedule can be found on the Pace home page, A-Z Index under “B” for Bus Schedule or “T” for Transportation.

Once you have selected a position of interest and completed your Application:

  • Locate the “Documents” tab on the eRecruiting Navigation Bar
  • Select “Upload a Document”
  • Choose “Other” as your document type, and upload your Application
  • Use the same process to upload your resume and/or cover letter, selecting the appropriate document type for each one
  • Scroll to the bottom of the job, click on “APPLY” in the “How to Apply” box
  • Select your Application and resume (and cover letter, if applicable), and click “Submit”

The Hiring Manger will review all applications and will contact you directly if they are interested in scheduling an interview with you.


Step 4:Interviewing

  • Be professional by dressing appropriately and arriving on or before the scheduled interview time in order to convey that you are reliable and serious about the job.
  • Bring a copy of your Application for Employment and a Resume if you have one.
  • Also let the Hiring Manager know about any updates to your hours of availability.
  • Be prepared to explain your qualifications.
  • The Hiring Manager may offer you the job on-the-spot or they may let you know they are still planning to interview other students.
  • You may ask them when they expect to make a decision.


Step 5:If you are Hired

  • Sign the Confirmation of Student Employment
    • Your supervisor must complete this in full
    • Both you and your supervisor must sign the form
  • Visit your campus Staffing Coordinator in Human Resources to submit the Confirmation of Student Employment and your New Hire Paperwork (see Step 6)


Step 6:Student Completes New Hire Forms

  • Personal Data Form and Appendix A
  • Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form
  • Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit
  • IT Acknowledgment Form
  • Drug & Alcohol/Sexual Harassment Acknowledgment Form
  • Staff Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form
  • W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • IT-2104 - Employee’s Withholding Allowance & Certificate Instructions (NY State)
  • IT-2104-1 – Certificate of Nonresidence and Allocation of Withholding
    • IT-2104-E -  Certificate of Exemption from Withholding (from NY State)
    • 8233-Exemption from Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Nonresident Alien Individual
  • You must submit all forms and identification to your campus Human Resources office and cannot begin working until these forms are completed. Failure to submit the forms in a timely manner will result in delay of your first pay check.


Step 7:Getting Paid

  • Once all of your paperwork is received the employment record will be created or updated according to the schedule posted on the HR web site under Payroll Calendar>Staffing Deadlines.
  • Timesheets will be generated for approval by your supervisor.
  • All hours that you work must be entered and approved by your supervisor in order for you to get paid. If your hours are not submitted on the time sheet then you will not receive payment for the hours you have worked.