Career Services

Career Services offers all Pace University undergraduate, graduate students, and alumni programs designed for:

  • Career exploration
  • Development of life-long career management skills
  • Resources to obtain employment

Through individual counseling, seminars, career development workshops, career fairs and collaborative programs with faculty, alumni and employers, students gain the tools to make career decisions, connect with employment opportunities and plan for their future which may include graduate or professional study.

Fall 2015 Job & Internship Fairs  
  • Combined 1300+ students in attendence [(NYC Oct. 1st) & (PLV Oct. 7th)]
  • 110 + employers in attendance at each fair recruiting for full time jobs and internships
  • 10+ employers participated in our on-site interview program per campus
Did you miss out? The OPEN and ACTIVE positions these employers are hiring for are on Handshake!  
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