Academic Policies and General Regulations

Welcome to the policies and regulations section of the undergraduate academic online catalog. In order to help you navigate through all of the University's policies and regulations, we have divided this area into six sections. Sections I through VI are outlined below to assist you in determining which section contains the information you need. You may click on one of the sections below or to the left.


Section I: Requirements and Policies
Degree Requirements    
Credit by Examination    
Credit Load Policy    
Double Major/Dual Degree
Disruption of Normal Academic Progress

Section II: Grades and Academic Standing
Academic Integrity
Grading System
Quality Point System
Incomplete Work
The "I-R" Grade and Referrals
Pass-Fail Policy
Change of Grade
Grade Appeal Process
Recomputation (Repeated Course)


Section III: Records
Transcript of Records


Section IV: Scholastic Honors and National Honor Societies
Scholastic Honors
National Honor Societies 
(complete list with mission statements)

Section V: Graduation Policies, Honors, and Awards
Latin Honors
Graduation with Distinction
Commencement Awards

Section VI: All Other Policies
Affirmative Action
Students with Disabilities
Emergency Closings